Interactive Portable Borealis Tube

£969.00 ex.VAT |£1,162.80 inc.VAT

  • Maintenance free (no water to change or algae to clean away)
  • Filled with over 140 RGB LED’s – low power consumption
  • Supplied with 16 different programs as standard via controller supplied
  • Includes an Interactive Plinth with switches on lockable wheels
  • Eligible for VAT Exemption
  • See below for full product details

The Interactive Portable Borealis Tube is a unique innovation from Sensory Technology. It is totally portable and can be easily manoeuvred through doorways into different rooms. The design is based on our very popular original Borealis Tube, but this portable version stands at one metre high and is fixed within a softplay plinth on lockable wheels. This makes it a very handy size for bedrooms, classrooms and any other room where space is a consideration.

The Tube is hugely visually stimulating. and is manufactured with over 140 RGB LED’s inside the frosted acrylic.  The Interactive Portable Borealis Tube incorporates 4 soft switches built into the plinth. Press each one to control the colour of the tube. They can also be used in block building programs on the controller for some great interactivity. The control panel on the side of the plinth includes easy selection of 16 in built programs. It also lets our wireless remotes to be easily ‘learned’ to the tube by the supervisor. This allows interactivity for less mobile users, as well as those that want to sit further away from the tube. Any of our wireless remotes can be used, see the suitable accessories link above.

Alternatively, you can purchase our Portable Borealis Tube. This has no switches built into the plinth so can be used in an entirely passive state. It can then have the wireless remotes ‘learned’ to it if you still wanted to have user interactivity.

The Plinth on this Interactive Portable Borealis Tube is manufactured from cream softplay vinyl, and padded with foam. This makes a plinth that can be happily leaned against for comfort. The vinyl is pthalates free.

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 60 x 60 x 130 cm