LED Interactive Infinity Star Panel

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The Interactive Infinity Star Panel is a different twist on the standard Infinity Panel.  The panel is fitted with approximately 70 light points which all light in the same colour.  The light points are made of fibre optics which are powered from a LED lightsource contained inside the unit.  The panel also benefits from slight colour variations across the range of light points, similar to looking at the night sky where not all stars look the same.


Being lit by LED Technology the panel will give plenty of years service.  With the addition of a 4 Way Handswitch as featured on the other panels you will give the users the ability to change the colour, colour mix and enter into a colour scroll by pressing all four buttons.  With the usual unrivalled 5 year battery life, it is truly maintenance friendly.  The panel measures 600mm x 600mm x 150mm deep.

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