The Ultimate Sound FX Collection

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The Ultimate Sound FX Collection is a massive 1000 sound effects library spread over 10 digitally recorded discs.  Ideal for educational use, great for curriculum theme work and our Sensory Venues™.  This library features over 150, one minute long ambiances which are ideal for backing tracks.  All recordings are royalty free in use to the original purchaser.  This set features the following:

Disc One
Alarms, Gunshots, Explosions, Battles, Doors, Household sounds, Industrial
Disc Two
Jets, Propellers, Airports, Household Sounds, Food Sounds
Disc Three
Telephones, Trains, Fuel Stations, Horses, Birds, Dogs, Cats, Farmyard Animals
Disc Four
Thunder, Rain, Wind, Walking, Running, People, Crowds, Laughing, Stairs
Disc Five
Bowling, Poll, Arrows, Tennis, Boxing, Balls, Football, Clocks, Bells
Disc Six
Domestic Cras, Racing Cars, Horns, Traffic, Motorcycles, Cycles, Police Cars, Boats, Tractors
Disc Seven
Doors, DIY, Cookery, Household Sounds, Gates, Cameraas, Radios, Chopping
Disc Eight
Harps, Whales, Cymbals, Maracas, Bongos, Gongs, Orchestral Instruments
Disc Nine
Bugles, Trumpets, Timpani’s, Drums, Hi Hats, Buzzers, Klaxons, Military Bands, Horns
Disc Ten
Sweeps, Shots, Wobbles, Whooshes, Tones, Electronic and Sci-Fi effects

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