Are your product prices including VAT?

For ease, our product prices are displayed both including and excluding VAT. We deal with a large amount of businesses, as well as users who qualify for VAT exemption, so the excluding VAT price needs to be displayed.

Why are some products available at VAT exemption, and others aren’t?

In order to conform with regulations set out by the HMRC, products which have been specifically designed for users with special needs can be sold as VAT exempt. A lot of our products are great for special needs users, but haven’t been specifically designed for this marketplace so unfortunately we have to charge VAT on them.

Can I order products that are VAT exempt online?

Yes now you can! Our Senteq Direct website allows you to claim your VAT exemption at the checkout stage. Simply fill in the applicable details and the VAT exemption will automatically be applied to your account, and the relevant products, when you shop. If you are shopping on behalf of an individual who is not VAT exempt, you will need to create a new account for them to make sure you are paying the correct VAT rate.

I am VAT exempt, so why am I being charged VAT on shipping?

Shipping is another one of those products which we have to charge VAT on – sorry!