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Our Borealis and Spectre Tubes are an ideal alternative to the traditional bubble tubes and columns found in the vast majority of sensory rooms around the World. These sensory product still produce a stunning effect that can take centre stage in any setting but benefit from far lower maintenance needs.

Fitted with LED technology for long life and energy efficiency. They are available in different sizes to suit you need and can be either passive or interactive.


Borealis/Spectra Tubes

WISE Single Hand Switch

£179.00 ex.VAT |£214.80 inc.VAT

Borealis/Spectra Tubes

Bubble Cuddle Beanbag


Borealis/Spectra Tubes

WISE Wireless 4 Way Soft Handswitch


Borealis/Spectra Tubes

WISE Wireless 8 Way Soft Handswitch


Portable Sensory Trolley

WISE Spectra Tube


Portable Sensory Trolley

WISE Portable Spectra Tube


Portable Sensory Trolley

WISE Portable Borealis Tube