Sensory Garden Products

The following are some of the most popular sensory garden equipment.  With these hand picked items you can easily transform an outdoor space into stimulating sensory experience for your users.  Covering a wide range of categories from wind chimes to outdoor seating and water features to outdoor musical instruments you can tailor the space to your exact requirements.

Creative Gardens

Outdoor Weaving Canopy

£54.75 ex.VAT |£65.70 inc.VAT
£34.75 ex.VAT |£41.70 inc.VAT
£99.00 ex.VAT |£118.80 inc.VAT

Ground Windspinners

Blade Spinner

£13.50 ex.VAT |£16.20 inc.VAT

Metal Chimes

Chimes of Earth


Metal Sphere Water Features

Sphere Water Feature


Other Sensory Garden Panels

Make it Rain Panel

£729.00 ex.VAT |£874.80 inc.VAT

Movement and Balance



Senteq Select

Wiggly Mirror