Sensory Room Equipment

Below is a range of the most popular sensory room equipment. Hand picked by us to help you quickly find the most popular and effective products for creating a wonderful sensory room. All these products are ideal for creating a stunning sensory room. Thery are the basic components of most sensory room systems.


Water Beds

Water Bed

£399.00 ex.VAT |£478.80 inc.VAT
£29.95 ex.VAT |£35.94 inc.VAT

Mirror Balls

Mirror Ball Kit

£69.00 ex.VAT |£82.80 inc.VAT
£179.00 ex.VAT |£214.80 inc.VAT


Space Projector

£95.00 ex.VAT |£114.00 inc.VAT

Fibre Optics

Fibre Optic Carpet


Bubble Tubes and Accessories

WISE Bubble Tube


Sensory Room Packages

We have also created some stunning packages found below.  These packages include many of the favourite products.  They have been designed to give you a quick and easy sensory room system, at a further discounted price.

Sensory Room Packages

Sensory Room Package Three

£635.00 ex.VAT |£762.00 inc.VAT

Sensory Room Packages

Sensory Room Package Two


Sensory Room Packages

Sensory Room Package One