Sensory Room Equipment

Below is a range of the most popular sensory room equipment. Hand picked by us to help you quickly find the most popular and effective products for creating a wonderful sensory room. All these products are ideal for creating a stunning sensory room. Thery are the basic components of most sensory room systems.


Water Beds

Water Bed

£399.00 ex.VAT |£478.80 inc.VAT
£29.95 ex.VAT |£35.94 inc.VAT

Mirror Balls

Mirror Ball Kit

£69.00 ex.VAT |£82.80 inc.VAT
£179.00 ex.VAT |£214.80 inc.VAT


Space Projector

£95.00 ex.VAT |£114.00 inc.VAT

Fibre Optics

Fibre Optic Carpet


Bubble Tubes and Accessories

WISE Bubble Tube


Borealis/Spectra Tubes

Bubble / Borealis Tube Plinths


Sensory Room Packages

We have also created some stunning packages found below.  These packages include many of the favourite products.  They have been designed to give you a quick and easy sensory room system, at a further discounted price.

Sensory Room Packages

Sensory Room Package Three

£635.00 ex.VAT |£762.00 inc.VAT

Sensory Room Packages

Sensory Room Package Two


Sensory Room Packages

Sensory Room Package One