Softplay Equipment

Here you will find some of our most popular softplay equipment. Softplay equipment and softplay spaces are great for safe exploration and play, allowing for physical development and communication skill development.  These products are “standard” pieces, but should you want something more tailored to you space we can also help.  We offer a full design, manufacture and installation service if required. More details…


Ward Care Chair


Bespoke Softplay

Softplay Floor Padding


Bespoke Softplay

Softplay Wall Padding


Bespoke Softplay

Softplay Sausages


Bespoke Softplay

Softplay Waves


Bespoke Softplay

Softplay Stepping Stones


Bespoke Softplay

Softplay Steps


Theme Floor Cushions

Under the Sea Story Cushion Set

£125.00 ex.VAT |£150.00 inc.VAT

Theme Floor Cushions

Back to Nature Story Cushion Set

£125.00 ex.VAT |£150.00 inc.VAT

Softplay Blocks Sets

Allsorts Softplay Set

£599.00 ex.VAT |£718.80 inc.VAT

Softplay Mirrors

Soft Bubble Mirror

£149.00 ex.VAT |£178.80 inc.VAT