Line Lite Rope – Set of 6 Colours (1m of each)

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  • An innovative new sensory product and perfect addition for any sensory space with UV lighting.
  • Designed specifically for use in sensory rooms, the UV Rope Line Lite is made from non-toxic PVC.
  • Provides tactile and visual stimulation for those with learning difficulties, with its twist effect shaping and UV properties.
  • Available in 6 colours green, pink, blue, red, orange and yellow, all of which glow vividly under ultraviolet light.
  • It is extremely robust, has an outer diameter of 8mm.
  • Sold in sets providing 1m of each colour.
  • Also available to purchase in 4mm and 8mm smooth line lite tubing.


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Line Lite Rope – Set of 6 Colours (1m of each)