Sensory Mobile Deluxe

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The Sensory Mobile Deluxe is packed full of sensory resources.  This modern looking portable sensory trolley is only 620mm in width so fits easily through most commercial doorways. The four castors make for excellent manoeuvrability.

It has been designed to include a vast array of sensory items meaning it is ideal for settings where you may not have space for a fixed sensory room installations, or where a shared resource would be more beneficial.

The control is both easy to use and packed full of features.  Making it easy to select the items you want to turn on and  also offering a high level of user interaction.

The unit runs from a single plug top, with a neon input socket to tell you the unit is on.  The power cable is removable for ease of moving.


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What’s Included?

  • Borealis Tube
  • Mirror and Plinth
  • Fibre Optics Harness and Lightsource
  • Infinity Tunnel
  • Solar Projector with rotator and 2 x effects wheels
  • Water Effect Projector
  • RGB colour changing lights
  • Blacklight/UV light
  • Storage
  • UV Tactile Kit
  • 2 x Auxiliary Interactive sockets
  • Wireless single button switches
  • Interactive cube remote
  • Softplay 4-way handswitch remote
  • Sound system
  • Aroma Cubes
  • Controllers, instructions and training

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Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 122 x 62 x 145 cm