Aura LED Projector

£139.00 ex.VAT |£166.80 inc.VAT

  • The Aura is a dimmable LED multi effects projector that uses the same specialist lighting effects found in sensory rooms and medical facilities, entertainment amenities and sporting arenas.
  • It also has a timer which makes it perfect for use in bedrooms as a night light.

    The projector has it’s own Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-Fi enabled devices can link with the projector using the free app. Users can download the app free of charge on IOS or Android.


    The projector does not need to be plugged into the mains and can run off a battery USB power pack.

  • Each projector includes one liquid effect wheel that fits easily onto the integral wheel rotator.
  • The Aura Projector pack also comes with a table stand and wall mount with fixtures and fittings.